Who We Are

  • A Team

    Amerlish is a group of individual professionals, who work in concert to provide an outstanding English education for our students. 
  • A School

    We provide a quality English education through American accents, literature, and culture, with a special focus on critical and creative thinking.
  • A Business

    Our company is dedicated to delivering a superior English education to our clients, while perfecting our product and expanding to new markets. 

What We Do

  • Teach English

    Our students acquire English skills by studying American curriculum in an immersive environment and learning incidentally with American teachers.
  • Bridge Cultures

    Our emphasis on cultural awareness
    allows students to compare and contrast American culture with their own; a skill which be applied to all cultures.
  • Inspire Thinking

    Instead of teaching our students what to think, Amerlish teaches them how to think by supporting independent thought and the exploration of ideas.

How We Do It

  • Neutral American Accent

    By emphasizing the neutral American English accent as a foundation and using it all though the class, Amerlish students begin to master the language with accuracy. From there, they will be able to perfect their language skills and have more confidence in practical application.
  • In-Depth Study of Literature

    Amerlish strives to teach the underlying American culture inherent in American English. That means vocabulary, phonics, grammar, reading, and writing are all learned contextually and  further reinforced through American culture and literature.
  • Immersive Learning

    Amerlish teaches its students to not only speak in English, but to think in it too. Only English is allowed, which enhances language learning and fosters the development of important critical thinking skills. Among these are valuable life skills like creative thinking and problem solving.